Further activities are measurements related to environmental and occupational health and safety issues e.g.:

Our broad range of examination and measurement processes and our thorough and reliable knowledge are broadly and generally applicable. For example, we can analyse the waste products from various industrial sectors and determine their suitability for re-use. This regularly yields surprising results.

Other activities include measurements in the fields of environment and labour conditions, such as:

  • emissions to the atmosphere
  • determination of specific labour conditions such as the impact of noise and
    the impact of fine dust particulates and fine quartz

We have various measuring methods to determine the slip resistance of floor surfaces and paving materials, in relation to safety aspects for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

TCKI has a broad range of measurement options and testing methods. Please download our laboratory prospectus if you wish to obtain more information about the possibilities in our laboratory.

TCKI performs ISO 17025 accredited measurements, which are used by the authorities to award environmental permits.