TCKI has a broad range of measurement options and testing methods.

We conduct risk assessments and evaluations of dust particulates, evaluate the presence of hazardous substances and measure the noise and dust exposure for employees. For dust exposure we measure fine particulates. TCKI is specialised in the determination of concentrations of fine dust quartz in every workplace atmosphere.

TCKI has the knowledge and the equipment necessary to measure the composition of soil, water and flue gases and uses diffusion model calculations for emissions into the atmosphere. In this way, we can record the burden of an industrial activity for soil, , surface water and atmosphere. We also use mathematical models to determine the noise diffusion and contours around an (industrial) activity.

TCKI determines whether labour activities that are performed pose a short-term or long-term health risk.

Noise, Occupational Health & Safety workplace noise measurements.

TCKI determines whether labour activities that are performed pose a short- or long-term health risk.

An in-depth Risk Assessment and Evalution can examine hazardous substances in a production plant.

A distinction is made between:

  • Product-related hazardous substances (for example fine quartz particulates)
  • Process-related hazardous substances (for example gas and oil)
  • Building-related hazardous substances (for example TL beams and asbestos)

By performing an assessment, we can determine whether additional measurements are required.

TCKI executes Risk Assessments and Evaluations.

TCKI executes Risk Assessments and Evaluations. Based on site inspections, we offer advice on improvements for the safety of employees and others and supervise the implementation of these recommendations.

We draw up Risk Assessment and Evaluation reports of our findings for the company, which are further tested by the Health & Safety authorities.

TCKI is one of the few laboratories that is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for the measurement and analysis of fine quartz particulates as part of a Health & Safety workplace inspection.

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ing. Rob Mentink

Head of Technical Department

ing. Frits de Graaf