Energy monitoring and saving.

Since the first energy crisis in 1973, TCKI has been active in the field of energy cost savings in building-ceramic production plants. We use a combination of activities to reduce energy costs, such as:

  • Quality improvement
  • Reduction of losses
  • Improvements based on detailed energy measurements
  • Use of software expert systems as a management support
  • Joint purchase of electricity and gas

Energy Efficiency Plans.

In addition, we have facilitated Energy Efficiency Plans for many years, including recently for 20 building-ceramic production plants in Belgium and 40 building-ceramic production plants in the Netherlands. Building-ceramic production plants use this information to determine their energy saving possibilities for the coming years.

This approach uses the combined efforts of TCKI´s measuring group and advisory group. We can also advise other sectors – outside of the ceramic industry – in the field of energy.

We will be happy to help you.

ing. Rob Mentink

Head of Technical Department

ing. Coen van Mosseveld

Senior Advisor