Testing ceramics and consultancy.
Enterprising and innovative for 60 years.

With our measuring group and laboratory, we can accurately map your current process management and then make proposals in the area of quality improvement, production speed and/or (energy) cost savings.

The following components are some of those which we examine and advise on:

  • characterisation of ceramic raw materials and additives
  • ceramic manufacturing technology and technique
  • quality and properties of ceramic products
  • environmental measurements and permits
  • leaching of construction products
  • production control and quality assurance
  • production control and energy savings
  • expertise with regard to building material damage
  • workplace conditions and occupational, health and safety (OH&S)
  • engineering, calculations and drawings

TCKI your partner for the best products.

We have, more than anyone else, the most in-house expertise as far as the composition of your raw materials is concerned, as well as how manufacture of building ceramics needs to be implemented in order to meet your requirements.

TCKI has gained the trust of many manufacturers and of those who purchase building ceramics. TCKI stands for integrity, innovation, the highest quality and speed of service provision and laboratory studies.

We, better than anyone else, are able to demonstrate the properties of your products and their quality using accredited measuring methods. Our reports are in English, German, French or Dutch so results can immediately be used in your market.

We would be happy to further support you.